What does obey the gospel mean?

What does obey the gospel mean?
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The language such as “obey
the gospel” is often lacking in
the vernacular of many. It is not
only lacking, but it is often foreign. words such as “obey the
gospel” suggests the gospel is
structured, understandable, and
authoritative. Many think more
in terms of “get religion,” something which externally is bestowed, and “get saved.” “God does it all,” they explain, “man is passive.”
To obey the gospel means
you believe the gospel. Belief is
a prerequisite to initial salvation
(Mk. 16: 16). Belief of the gospel is inseparably involved in
this saving belief ( Mk. 1: 15). It
is strange that the common language such as “get saved” or “get
religion” is not found in the verWhat does obey the gospel mean?
nacular of the New Testament.
However, we do find such expressions as obey the gospel.
Paul wrote in quoting Isaiah 53:
1, “for Esaias saith, Lord, who
hath believed our report?”
(Rom. 10: 16) Also notice how
Paul used “obey” as a synonym
for Isaiah’s word “believed.”
The language “obey the gospel” clearly teaches the necessity of man’s obedience. The lost
sinner in initially coming to
God must obey (Acts 10 34,
35.) The child of God must also
obey the gospel (Phili. 2: 12).
The gospel must be obeyed – not
human creeds (Mk. 7: 6-13). I
know such teaching is not common and is not popular. Nonetheless, it is what God says in
His word.
The fact man cannot merit
salvation does not exclude
man’s participation in his salvation. Peter exhorted, “Save
yourselves from this untoward
generation” (Acts 2: 40, KJV).
The people to whom Peter
spoke did “save themselves” by
accepting and obeying God’s
provisions for the non-Christian, his gift: belief, repentance,
confession, and baptism for the
remission of sins (Acts
2:36,38,Rom. 10: 9,10).
One of the apostle Paul’s favorite subjects was Jesus’ return
in judgment. Please consider
what Paul wrote to the
Thessalonians: “In flaming fire
taking vengeance on them that
know not God, and that obey
not the gospel of our Lord Jesus
Christ.” (2 Thes. 1: 8, see verses
six through nine) Is obeying the
gospel part of your vocabulary
and concept?
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