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During the early days of its existence, the St. John church family was worshipping in a “Hide House.”   A “Hide House” was a factory type one-room building used for curing meat products located on East Main at Stiles Street, near what is now downtown Oklahoma City.  Rev. Johnson began his pastorate by moving the congregation from the Hide House to what is known as the “Dr. Light Building”, a more desirable location for worship, located several blocks away at Second and Geary Street.  However, with a rapidly growing congregation, Rev. Johnson began to lead the church to search for a site more suitable for permanent worship.  Four lots were purchased in the southeast area of Oklahoma City where most of the Black population resided.  However, astute observation revealed that Blacks had begun to move to the northeast area of the city at a rapid pace.  So, in March 1921, a second purchase of lots at Northeast Second and Phillips Street secured that location for a permanent place of worship.

By September of that year, a 30 X 60 foot frame building was purchased at a cost of $310 to be placed on the new site, and it became the first permanent church home for the St. John church family.

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