50 Days of Prayer

50 Days of Prayer

My brother and sisters in Christ, greetings and good health to you all.  These days that we are living in are challenging, unique and have caused a great deal of caution, apprehension along with some fearfulness.  Our generation is witnessing and experiencing the worst socio-political strain on American society and culture not seen in the last 60 years, as a result the “childrens teeth are set on edge because the parents have eaten sour grapes”.  In addition the Covid-19 pandemic has injured, hospitalized and taken the lives of so many Americans and members of our church family.  The need for prayer couldn’t be more needed and necessary as it is today.  please join me beginning December 13 through January 31, 2021 in calling upon the name of the LORD in our annual “50 Days of Prayer” campaign as we seek GOD’s favor in these for (4) areas of concern:

(1) Relief from Covid-19

(2) Revival in America

(3) The spiritual and physical well being of our congregation and families

(4) The continued survival and success of St. John

This year we will not have sign-ups, flyers or select times to pray.  Instead we will humble ourselves, seek GOD’s face, go on our bended knees as we “steal away” in our Prayer Closets seeking HIS favor to see us safely through until these calamities are overcome.  Let us pray for one another and watch GOD change things. The love and peace of GOD be with you all.

Rev. David Dawson