Christian Men's Fellowship

Purpose:        The Christian Men’s Fellowship exists to: (1) Promote and encourage a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, through personal worship, prayer and obedience to His Word through the power of the Holy Spirit; (2) Promote and encourage strong male leadership in the home as ordained by God; (3) Promote and encourage spiritual, moral and ethical purity; (4) Promote and encourage strong marriages through love, protection and Biblical values.

An additional major focus of the Christian Men’s Fellowship is to render service to individuals in need.   This includes individuals within our St. John Family as well as non-church members in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area.  We put special emphasis on assisting the elderly, and on working with young males to help them grow into Godly productive men.

Meetings:  Our regularly scheduled meetings are on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m.  At this meeting we enjoy a wonderful breakfast and fellowship with each other.  The men hear an inspirational message that helps us to grow spiritually, or a presentation that provides us with practical skills needed in our everyday lives.   We also discuss activities and service projects on our agenda.  Our commitment to the men is to complete this meeting each month no later than 10:30 a.m.

Men's Fellowship

Men’s Retreat:   Each spring, usually sometime in April, the Christian Men’s Fellowship sponsor a weekend retreat at a location that affords the men an opportunity to  be inspired and spiritually renewed in a relaxed environment.  We also make sure there is ample opportunity for recreation that the guys enjoy.  The last three years we have held the retreat at the Western Hills Guest Lodge in the beautiful Sequoyah State Park.  Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery to view pictures from some of our recent retreats.

Men’s Day:  As always, St. John celebrates Men’s Day on the third Sunday in June (Father’s Day, June 19, 2011).   This year our special guest speaker was Dr. Dunn H. Cumby, DDS.  Dr. Cumby has served this community for more than thirty years, and he is well known to many of our members.

As an enhancement to our Men’s Day weekend for 2011, the CMF held a barbeque on Saturday, June 18th. We sold rib, brisket, and chicken dinners showcasing the culinary skills of our guys. 

Habitat for Humanity:  The Christian Men’s Fellowship continues to work with Habitat for Humanity on a regular basis.   




















If you need additional information about any of our Christian Men's Fellowship activities, or if you simply have questions about the ministry, please call Deacon Clarence Beatty at 405-833-8412, or Deacon Ernest Helaire at 405-410-2891.